Casa Rhoda Welcomes Your Inquiry!

Casa Rhoda carefully considers the needs of all incoming residents and emphasizes the best possible fit and life style for new residents and current residents.

Please take a moment to tell the administrative staff at Casa Rhoda what the needs are for placement for the prospective resident(s) about whom you are making this inquiry.

Rhoda DeMonteverde, will reply within 48 hours of receipt of your inquiry and let you the availability of care at Casa Rhoda and which home might make the best fit for the requirements you describe.

Waiting List

If you there is no current availability, you will automatically be placed onto the Casa Rhoda waiting list at no charge. This will enable the DeMonteverde family to keep in touch and ap- praise you of future availabilty. No matter what the current availability, you will receive a reply per the instructions you indicate below and Rhoda and the entire DeMonteverde family are here to help you, whatever the circumstances.

Request More Information

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