Licensing & Qualifications

Each Casa Rhoda home is a licensed RCFE Assisted Living provider for up to six seniors. This licensing protocol requires an annual inspection by representatives of the California State Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division. There is a significant list of requirements that the State requires and State inspectors are required to check. State inspections are for the benefit of the residents, the caregivers and the operators of the home. (For a complete list of requirements for RCFE Assisted-living Providers, visit
In addition to the state requirements, Casa Rhoda is a member of the Community Residential Care Association of California (CRCAC) and the 6-beds Organization of California, whose members worked together to provide safe and healthy care in residential homes.
Casa Rhoda invites you to inquire with local agencies as to our level of care and commitment to our residents.

  • Central Coast Placement Agency
  • Senior Placement Agency
  • Family Services Agency
  • Alzheimer’s Association of Santa Barbara
  • State of California Ombudsmen Agency
  • Cottage Hospital Nursing Staff

Casa Rhoda Licensing
Casa Rhoda 1 – License # 425802108
Casa Rhoda 2 – License # 425802109
Casa Rhoda 3 – License # 425802110
Casa Rhoda 4 – License # 425802112